Whale watching trips informations

Welcome to the french Mediterranean sea !


Join our team of naturalists, photographers and scientists for a full or half day whale watching trip from Sanary-sur-Mer or a seabird watching trip from Port Camargue. On the boat, we provide conferences and explanations in french, but we can also translate for you !


Découverte du Vivant is an eco-responsible whale watching operator, involved in the long term preservation of the cetacean populations of the Mediterranean sea. We were delivered the "High Quality Whale Watching" label by the Pelagos sanctuary for marine mammal conservation in 2012. More informations about the label here

General informations :


Whale watching in the south of France provides excellent opportunities to encounter a few of the most emblematic sea giants. Just to name some of them, we have sperm whales, striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, risso's dolphins, pilot whales and fin whales, the second largest animal on earth...

During the seabird watching trips, you can expect three species of shearwaters, gannets, razorbills, four species of skuas...


The team of scientists, naturalists and photographers delivers conferences on board, presenting the mediterranean cetacean species, their biology and protection measures. A feedback of the trip is sent to every participant, including pictures.


Sanary-sur-Mer full day whale watching trip (7 hours at sea)

Sanary-sur-Mer sunset and whale watching trip (4 hours, high season)

Sanary-sur-Mer porquerolles island and whale watching trip (full day, low season)

Port Camargue : half day seabird watching trip (4hours)


Want to see more pictures before reading any further ? Here's a few :

whale watching Sanary-sur-Mer photo gallery

seabird watching Port Camargue photo gallery

2022 trips schedule :



Port Camargue : september-april (included)


To book a bird tour, you have to contact us either by phone or by email (contacts below).

If this page doesn't answer your questions, feel free to contact us as well ! Our english is ok and we'll do our best to answer you.


Contact :


Email : info@decouverteduvivant.fr

Tel : 00 33 6 10 57 17 11


Rates :


Sanary-sur-Mer full day whale watching : adult 82€ / teenager or student 68€ / child 57€

Sanary-sur-Mer sunset and whale watching : adult 55€ / teenager or student 50€ / child 45€

Sanary-sur-Mer porquerolles island and whale watching : adult 55€ / teenager or student 50€ / child 45€

Port Camargue : adult 50€ / teenager or student 45€ / child 40€


What to bring :


For the whale and dolphin watching trips : lunch, warm clothes (any time of the year), hat, sunglasses and sunblock


For the seabird watching trips : warm clothes !